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Derui Shengxing Assembly-type Apartment Building Completed.

The apartment building, designed as PC assembly structure, is developed, produced and erected by ourselves. It covers a land area of 252 m2 and has a construction area of 724 m2. With an assembly rate of up to 85%, the building has not only verified our independent research capabilities in concrete PC components, but also conquered some technical difficulties in PC design, development, production and installation.

In this project, prestressed technology is applied in producing 7.2 m long-span laminated concrete slab, which has brought about the reduction of slab thickness and the enhancement of slab rigidness. The staircase and the landing slab are pre-casted as a whole; the exterior wall is completed one time with window , insulation and decorative surface. In addition, more than 10 kinds of wall exterior surfaces are invented during the project. The cementing material used in wall grouting is independently developed by us, and it has such a good performance that final set can be achieved within one hour, by shortening 15 hours, with its intensity up to C80. We have been committed to the development of new technology of PC component installation for improving significantly installation efficiency and accuracy.


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